The Works

If you are a brave go getter and ready to throw yourself into this process, this package is for you. Schedule your Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Call.

Momentum Business Development Package: 3 Month One-on-One Coaching Package


– 8 one-on-one Sessions 45 minutes long

– 3 Hour Jump Start Call

– Weekly Check-in email and accountability. Feedback on Mondays.

– Clarity: What do you want?

– Vision: How will I get to where I want to be?

– Momentum: Putting it all into Action

Special Bonus: Specific Sales Strategies for your client profiles.

Special Bonus: ALL programs at a considerable discount or free.



Step 1: Clarity

CLARITY is getting clear on what you want to experience in your life so we create a life map or a vision board. I will also create a custom affirmation for you to listen to nightly so you can it can support the work you are doing out in the world.

Step 2: Mindset (Clear out the Clutter)

What holds you back from having the business and the life you love? Where do you feel are you greatest areas of improvement? What are your greatest strengths?

Step 3: Understanding Your Strengths and using them to your Advantage

Take personality assessment and strengths finder assessment. Depending on specific strengths we work on different plans to develop those and look areas of improvement and how to find people and outsource to compliment your skills. Focus on what you’re good at not what you want to improve.

Step 4: Understand your Client Profile

Deep dive into client profiles and personality types.

Step 5: Personalized Relationship Sales Strategies

Personalized relationship sales strategies and creation of your personal sales funnel to reach your ideal client in the language and manner that makes sense to them. Examples include: Media outlets for advertising (are using the correct ones?) How to deliver amazing teleseminars or workshops? How to close the sale and overcome objections? Find out how to use ABC’s?

Step 6: Communication that Produces Results

What is your communication style? Take the test. Develop communication for results, sales, success and clarity or vision. Asking for what you want? This will also support someone who plans to add speak into their sales strategies and for negotiations and contracts, or partnerships. Language is everything. Learning NLP basics.

Step 7: Harmony

Is your personal life aligned with you professional life? Make your family stakeholders in your business. Make your business revolve around you family objectives. Banish guilt for good! Ask for the support you need! Make plan for both home and career.