Ariana “Ari” Fernandez, mompreneur coach and certified master coach, uses tough love with a kind heart to help her clients transform from within to improve their lives, relationships and achieve BIG Business dreams in reality. It is not always easy to work from home and raise children at the same time. Let alone be a wife and women in the world. Ariana’s goal is that you learn to navigate all your roles in harmony, while still achieving amazing success in your business. She uses a holistic approach to coaching a considers all your many parts, not just the pieces that make you unique and amazing. Let it all Shine with Harmony and Ease!

Family PhotoAfter marrying and divorcing and reinventing herself countless times, she stopped struggling against her greatness. Found peace and a life on her own terms as an Entrepreneur and Business/Life Coach. Many different niches and incarnations lead her to focus on what she has always known she was meant to do.

Family is her top priority and she knows a mom/parent that is achieving their dreams, can be an even better parent and show these great skills to her children. She has one daughter and one more on the way and finally after a long search found her better half and is happily married to her biggest supporter. She has been where you are and is not done learning herself.

Now she coaches women and some brave men, how to have the business and profits of their dreams by rethinking, what it means to be a entrepreneur and how to go from: I Can’t Do it all, to Wow, I can have it all and then some! With 10 years of sales and training experience in the corporate world she now bring this expertise to you. She has a bachelors degree in psychology, a masters in HR training & development, and several Landmark Forum seminars, Ari is trained in a combination of NLP, skills training and other personal and professional development techniques.

Ari now uses the learning’s from her own life journey along with her professional background to provide real and lasting transformation for her clients.